Number to words - how to write numbers in words ?

How to write numbers in words perfectly without mistakes ?

How To Convert Number to Words in Excel 2010

In this article we’ll be discovering a very simple way to convert number to words in Microsoft Excel 2010 .
Converting number to words in Excel is a pretty cool option , it would help you to save much time and effort . So how can we convert a number to words in Excel?

  • Watch the video and follow the instructions.
  • Download the macro at the bottom of this post.
  • Add it to the Excel.

Or follow the instructions below:

1) go to “File” on the up-left side of Excel then “Excel Options”
2) In the new window (the options window) select “add-ins” then click on the “Go…” Button

3) In the following window :

  • Select ‘Browse’ button.
  • Choose the file ‘numberToWords.xla’ that you downloaded it from our site.
  • And finally select ‘ok’

4) if want to write a number to words:

  • If you’re willing to write 60 in words for example you just have to write ” =toWords(5) ” in a cell

5)if want to write a number to Dollars:

  • if you wanna write a number into dollars try =toDollars(number) .

6) to write numbers into pounds.

  • if you want to write a number in pounds =toPound(number) .
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