How Do You Spell 3 In Words Perfectly Without Mistakes

Spelling of 3 in words

How do you spell 3 in words:
Convert 3 dollars in words (USD):
Three Dollars
3 spelling in British Pound amount (GBP):
Three Pounds
How to write 3 Canadian dollars in letters (CAD):
Three Canadian Dollars

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How to Spell 3

The number 3 is spelled as ‘three’. It is a simple number that only requires three letters to be properly spelled, making it one of the easier numbers to write out in English text.

Spelling Details and Variations

While the spelling of 3 remains consistent as ‘three’, the ordinal form adds a suffix to denote its position in a sequence. The word ‘three’ becomes ‘third’ when used in an ordinal context. The numeral form of the ordinal is ‘3rd’.

When to Spell Out 3 and When to Use the Numeral

The general guideline is that single-digit numbers like 3 are spelled out when they appear in written text, especially in non-scientific or non-technical content. However, numerals are used when the number appears in lists, technical writing, statistics, or when indicating measurements and scales.

Practical Examples in Sentences

  • She placed third in the regional spelling bee.

  • I only need three ingredients to make this recipe.

  • My son is thrilled to be turning three years old next week.

  • Can you please order three coffees to go?

  • They arrived at three o’clock sharp.

Special Considerations

In financial contexts, the number 3 may be used as a numeral for clarity, especially in transactions or reports. In scientific or technical writing, ‘3’ will typically be used, often in conjunction with units of measurement (e.g., 3 cm).


In conclusion, the number 3, spelled ‘three,’ is a foundational element of number systems and holds significance in various educational, practical, and scientific contexts. Understanding when and how to properly spell or denote this number is important for clear communication in both written and numerical forms.


  1. Write ‘3’ in ordinal form.

  2. How many prime numbers are less than 3?

  3. What is 3 squared?

Solutions to Exercises

  1. The ordinal form of ‘3’ is ‘third’ or ‘3rd’.

  2. There are two prime numbers less than 3: 2 and itself.

  3. 3 squared, or 3 raised to the power of 2, is 9.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the number 3 a prime number?

Yes, the number 3 is a prime number as it has only two distinct positive divisors: 1 and itself.

What are common symbols associated with the number 3?

Common symbols include the triangle for the number’s geometric representation and the triskelion as a motif in various cultures.