How To Say 104 in French Perfectly Without Mistakes

104 in French

Writing the number 104 in French seems to be complicated, but this is not true!

You will find below exactly how to say One hundred four in French language, and you will learn what is the correct translation in French for 104.

You won't avoid writing French numbers anymore, once you see how simple it can be.

How Do You Say 104 in French:

Cent quatre

Convert 104 Dollars in French Words (USD):

Cent quatre dollars

Translation in French for 104 Canadian Dollars (CAD Canada):

Cent quatre dollar canadien

What is 104 British Pound Amount in French (GBP):

Cent quatre livres sterling

Convert the Number 104 Euros To Words (EUR):

Cent quatre euros

How to Write Numbers in French Similar to 104?

Spelling Rules For Writing The Number 104 in French

Spelling the number 104 and other cardinal numbers in French language, must respect a few spelling rules.

The ‘‘Académie Française’’ introduced in 1990, new simplified rules for writing numbers in letters: “Hyphens connects all the elements of a compound numeral instead of spaces, including "et-un".”

In this case, the number One hundred four in French is written as : Cent quatre in letters.

General Information About The French Number 104

104 is the number following 103 and preceding 105 .

The number 104 is included in the list of French numbers 1 to 1000

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