How To Say 80 in French Perfectly Without Mistakes

What is 80 in french

How Do You Say 80 in French:
Convert the Number 80 Euros To Words (EUR):
quatre-vingts euros
Convert 80 dollars in French Words (USD):
quatre-vingts dollars américains
What is 80 British Pound in French (GBP):
quatre-vingts livres sterling
Translation in French for 80 Canadian Dollars (CAD Canada):
quatre-vingts dollars canadiens

How to write numbers in French similar to 80

How to Say 80 in French

The number 80 in French is spelled as ‘quatre-vingts’. It is a unique numerical expression in the French language, as it literally translates to ‘four twenties’. This is a remnant of the base 20 (vigesimal) counting system that used to be common in the Celtic languages, which influenced French.

Spelling Details and Variations

The standard spelling for 80 in French is ‘quatre-vingts’, with a hyphen connecting ‘quatre’ (four) and ‘vingts’ (twenties) and an ‘s’ at the end of ‘vingts’. However, when 80 is used in ordinal form, such as in dates or ordering, it becomes ‘quatre-vingtième’ without the ‘s’, translating to ‘eightieth’.

When to Spell Out 80 and When to Use the Numeral

In French text, the number 80 is typically spelled out as ‘quatre-vingts’ in non-scientific and non-technical contexts, especially within narratives or when emphasizing the quantity. However, numerals are often used in scientific writing, statistical data, or any context where space is limited or precision is essential, such as in tables or graphs.

Practical Examples in Sentences

  • Le livre coûte quatre-vingts euros.

  • J’ai planté quatre-vingts arbres dans le verger.

  • Quatre-vingts personnes ont assisté au concert.

  • Il reste quatre-vingts kilomètres à parcourir.

  • Quand elle a eu quatre-vingts ans, elle a écrit ses mémoires.

Special Considerations About 80 in French

In financial contexts, ‘quatre-vingts’ is used to denote sums of money, such as ‘quatre-vingts euros’. In technical writing, the numeral ’80’ is preferred, especially when referencing units of measure, statistics, or data that require precision.


Understanding how to write and use the number 80 in the French language is important for both linguistic and cultural proficiency. ‘Quatre-vingts’ reflects the unique historical aspects of the French numerical system, and knowing when to use this spelling versus the numeral is essential for clear communication in French.


  1. Translate the following sentence into French: “There were 80 balloons at the party.”

  2. If you buy four items costing each ‘vingt euros’, how much is the total in French?

  3. Write the number that comes before ‘quatre-vingts’ in French.

Solutions to Exercises

  1. Il y avait quatre-vingts ballons à la fête.

  2. Le total est quatre-vingts euros.

  3. Soixante-dix-neuf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say 80 in French?

In French, 80 is said as ‘quatre-vingts’.

Is the spelling of 80 consistent in French?

Yes, the standard spelling is ‘quatre-vingts’, although the ‘s’ is dropped in the ordinal form ‘quatre-vingtième’.

Can you use numerals instead of words for 80 in French?

Numerals can be used in scientific writing and where precision is necessary.

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