Number to words - how to write numbers in words ?

How to write numbers in words perfectly without mistakes ?

Rules for writing numbers in English

Whether in French, English or any other language, you will need to know how to write and spell numbers in words. It is an essential basis for any language: to tell the time, to ask the price of something, to measure a distance or a quantity, etc .

In this tutorial ( mainly for beginners), I will show you how to write English numbers in words and all the necessary rules to make no mistake.

What you need to know for writing numbers in English

If you know the numbers from 1 to 20, you have already done half the job because, after that, English is very regular also don’t forget that we use the comma to separate the thousands and the point to separate the decimals, however , in other languages it is upside down.

To write a number in words , it’s really very basic. We take the number of tens and separate it from the numbers of the units by a dash “-“.
The numbers in English from 20 to 100:

  • 20 in words: Twenty
  • 30 in words: Thirty
  • 50 in words: Fifty
  • 80 in words: Eighty
  • 90 in words: Ninety

So you just have to learn it by heart to know how to write numbers 20 to 100 in words.
For example to write:
– Without dash

  • 13 in words : Thirteen
  • 15 in words : Fifteen
  • 17 in words : Seventeen
  • 19 in words : Nineteen

– With dash

  • 99 in words, it is enough to add the figure “ninety” to “nine”, which gives “ninety-nine
  • 25 in words, it is enough to add the figure “twenty” to “five”, which gives “twenty-five
  • 21 in words, it is enough to add the figure “twenty” to “one”, which gives “twenty-one

Hundreds and thousands in English

To write a number with hundreds in english is also easy. We take the number of hundreds, add “and” and put the number or the number that follows

  • 100 in words : A hundred or one hundred
  • 200 in words : Two hundred
  • 900 in words : Nine hundred
  • 990 in words : Nine hundred ninety

As for the hundreds, it is very simple to write the numbers from 2000 to 900 000 in words.

  • 4000 in words: Four thousand
  • 8000 in words: Eight thousand
  • 20000 in words: Twenty thousand
  • 90000 in words: Ninety thousand

Writing and spelling out numbers further than 900000

    • 1000000 in words is a million in English.
    • 1000000000 in words : Billion which is the equivalent of a thousand million that spelt billion in english (one thousand million)

You should now know the rules about how to write number in words and how to spell them.

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