How To Say 14 in French Perfectly Without Mistakes

What is 14 in french

How Do You Say 14 in French:
Convert the Number 14 Euros To Words (EUR):
quatorze euros
Convert 14 dollars in French Words (USD):
quatorze dollars américains
What is 14 British Pound in French (GBP):
quatorze livres sterling
Translation in French for 14 Canadian Dollars (CAD Canada):
quatorze dollars canadiens

How to write numbers in French similar to 14

How to Say 14 in French

The number 14 in French is spelled “quatorze.” It is a unique numeral that does not necessarily follow the pattern of adding “-ze” to the end of the four (“quatre”), but instead “quatorze” is the standard form. Similar to English, French numerals have distinguishing features that set them apart.

Spelling Details and Variations

In French, 14 as an ordinal number is “quatorzième,” which means “fourteenth.” It is often used when referring to things in a sequence, such as floors in a building or days in a month.

When to Spell Out 14 and When to Use the Numeral

In text, the word “quatorze” is used when 14 stands alone or when beginning a sentence. The numeral “14” is used with measurements, dates, or when reporting data in scientific and mathematical contexts. For example, “Il y a 14 kg de pommes” means “There are 14 kg of apples.”

Practical Examples in Sentences

  • J’ai quatorze ans, ce qui signifie que j’ai fourteen years old.

  • Il a économisé quatorze euros pour acheter un livre.

  • Ma soeur est arrivée quatorzième dans la course.

Special Considerations About 14 in French

Certain grammatical rules apply to numbers in French, especially in financial and technical contexts. For instance, always use numerals when dealing with money and measurements to avoid confusion, such as “14€” or “14m³.”


Understanding how to spell and use the number 14 in French, “quatorze,” is important for clear communication in written and spoken language. Whether discussing age, quantity, or position, “quatorze” is the correct form, with “quatorzième” serving as the ordinal alternative.


  1. Write the number 14 in French.
  2. How do you say “14th day” in French?
  3. What is “14 euros” written in French?

Solutions to Exercises

  1. Quatorze
  2. Le quatorzième jour
  3. 14 euros

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you spell “14” in French?

A: In French, 14 is spelled “quatorze”.

Q: What is the ordinal number for 14 in French?

A: The ordinal number for 14 in French is “quatorzième,” which means “fourteenth”.

Q: Is it more common to spell out numbers in French or use numerals?

A: In general, smaller numbers are spelled out in French whereas numerals are used for larger amounts, dates, or in scientific and technical contexts.

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