How To Say 16 in French Perfectly Without Mistakes

What is 16 in french

How Do You Say 16 in French:
Convert the Number 16 Euros To Words (EUR):
seize euros
Convert 16 dollars in French Words (USD):
seize dollars américains
What is 16 British Pound in French (GBP):
seize livres sterling
Translation in French for 16 Canadian Dollars (CAD Canada):
seize dollars canadiens

How to write numbers in French similar to 16

How to Say 16 in French

The number 16 in French is spelled ‘seize’. It is one of the unique French numbers that does not follow a standard pattern and must be memorized on its own. Understanding how to spell and pronounce this number will aid in various aspects of language learning and communication.

Spelling Details and Variations

Spelling seize in French does not have any variations. Unlike other numbers, it remains constant even in its ordinal form. To say ‘sixteenth’ in French, you would say ‘seizième’, adding the suffix ‘ième’ to the cardinal form.

When to Spell Out 16 and When to Use the Numeral

Generally, in French text, the number 16 is spelled out, ‘seize’, when it appears in a sentence or as part of a phrase. However, the numeral ’16’ is typically used when referring to dates, addresses, mathematics, and statistics or in lists and tables where space and clarity are considerations.

Practical Examples in Sentences

  • Mon fils a seize ans.
  • Il y a seize élèves dans la classe.
  • Le gâteau a été coupé en seize parts égales.
  • L’équipe a marqué seize points au dernier match.
  • L’adresse est au numéro seize de la rue.

Special Considerations

When dealing with currency, age, or specific quantities in French, ‘seize’ is typically spelled out for clarity and style. In more technical contexts, such as mathematics, science, or statistics, the numeral ’16’ is preferred for its brevity and directness.


Knowledge of how to correctly spell and use the number 16 in French, ‘seize’, is essential for anyone studying the language. Whether used in its cardinal form or as an ordinal, ‘seize’ plays an integral role in everyday communications and academic contexts.


  • Translate the following sentence into French: “There are 16 chocolates in the box.”
  • Write the number ’16th’ as an ordinal number in French.
  • How do you pronounce the French word for 16?

Solutions to Exercises

  1. Il y a seize chocolats dans la boîte.
  2. In French, the 16th is written as ‘seizième’.
  3. The French word for 16, ‘seize’, is pronounced as /sɛz/.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you say 16 in French?

A: 16 in French is said as ‘seize’.

Q: Is the spelling of 16 different in French financial contexts?

A: No, the spelling of 16, ‘seize’, remains the same even in financial contexts, though the numeral may be used for clarity.

Q: What is the ordinal form of 16 in French?

A: The ordinal form of 16 in French is ‘seizième’.

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