How To Say 19 in French Perfectly Without Mistakes

What is 19 in french

How Do You Say 19 in French:
Convert the Number 19 Euros To Words (EUR):
dix-neuf euros
Convert 19 dollars in French Words (USD):
dix-neuf dollars américains
What is 19 British Pound in French (GBP):
dix-neuf livres sterling
Translation in French for 19 Canadian Dollars (CAD Canada):
dix-neuf dollars canadiens

How to write numbers in French similar to 19

How to Spell 19

The number 19 in French is spelled as “dix-neuf.” This number is a combination of “dix” which means ten, and “neuf” which means nine. Together, they form the word “dix-neuf,” meaning nineteen in English.

Spelling Details and Variations

The ordinal form of 19 in French is “dix-neuvième,” which translates to “nineteenth” in English. It is used to denote position or rank in a sequential order.

When to Spell Out 19 and When to Use the Numeral

In French, as in English, there are certain conventions for when to spell out numbers versus when to use numerals. Numbers at the beginning of a sentence should be spelled out. Smaller numbers, generally those less than twenty, are often spelled out in text. Numerals are more commonly used in scientific writing, with measurements, and in cases where precision is necessary.

Practical Examples in Sentences

Dix-neuf personnes ont assisté à l’événement. (Nineteen people attended the event.)

Mon cousin a dix-neuf ans. (My cousin is nineteen years old.)

Elle a trouvé un billet de dix-neuf euros. (She found a nineteen euro bill.)

Special Considerations

In French, when dealing with finances such as cheques or legal documents, the number 19 should always be written out to prevent fraud and ambiguity. Similarly, in technical contexts involving measurements or statistics, the numeral 19 is often used for clarity and to avoid misinterpretation.


Understanding how to properly spell and use the number 19 in French is essential for clear and precise communication. Whether used in everyday counting, financial transactions, or technical writing, “dix-neuf” and “dix-neuvième” have their unique applications.


  • Practice spelling the number 19 by writing it down on a piece of paper.
  • Try to use the word “dix-neuf” in a sentence about your daily life.
  • Calculate the sum of dix-sept (17) and deux (2) and write the answer in words.

Solutions to Exercises

  • “Dix-neuf” should be written as “19” in numerals.
  • An example sentence might be: “J’ai dix-neuf livres dans ma bibliothèque,” which means “I have nineteen books in my library.”
  • The sum of dix-sept (17) and deux (2) is dix-neuf (19).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write the number 19 in French?

The number 19 is written as “dix-neuf” in French.

What is the ordinal form of 19 in French?

The ordinal form of 19 is “dix-neuvième” which is used to denote rank or position in a sequence.

Is it necessary to spell out the number 19 in financial documents?

In French financial documents, it is customary to spell out numbers like 19 for clarity and to avoid fraud.

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